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Change in maintenance obligation 2018

Image result for changeThe so-called Düsseldorfer table was introduced in 1962 by the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Dusseldorf. It has no legal force but has always served as a guideline for determining maintenance. The table is also recognized by courts and used as a benchmark for the maintenance calculation. It is made publicly available to parents via the Internet, thus providing information to fathers and mothers who are dependent on the amount of the monthly amount to be paid. On 01.01.2018 the maintenance rates will be adjusted. What has changed, we have summarized here for you.

You should know about the 2018 maintenance obligation

You should know about the 2018 maintenance obligation


The increase of the minimum maintenance

Specifically, the amendments refer to the fact that children of dependent fathers or mothers are entitled to more money from 2018 onwards. The minimum maintenance in relation to the ages increases as follows:

  • Children up to 6 years: 348 Euro (instead of 342 Euro)
  • Children up to 12 years: 399 Euro (instead of 393 Euro)
  • Children up to the age of 18: 467 Euro (instead of 460 Euro)

Unchanged remains the pay to be paid for children of age, who still live with one parent, at 527 €.

Crediting of child benefit

The child allowance is credited towards the respective need for maintenance: for underage children half of the cash support, for a full age child in full. As a result, the actual payment amounts decrease. The amount of child benefit in 2018 is as follows:

  • For the first and second child parents receive 194 euros
  • For a third child, the state pays 200 euros
  • For the fourth and each additional child, there is a financial support of 225 euros

Example: The pay to be paid according to the Dusseldorf table amounts from 2018 in one child up to 6 years to 348 euros. Of that now half the child benefit must be deducted, with a child 97 euros (from 194 euros). This results in a payable child maintenance of 251 euros.

Raising the income groups

For the first time in 10 years, the maintenance obligation from 2018 will be accompanied by an increase in the income groups. Thus, the Dusseldorfer table starts with an adjusted net income up to 1,900 euros (instead of 1,500 euros previously) and ends at 5,500 euros (instead of previously 5,100 euros). Specifically, this means that the change in the maintenance obligation in 2018 will put many maintenance workers into a lower income group and will consequently have to pay lower rates.

Change the demand control amount

The needs control should ensure a fair distribution of income between the debtor and the dependent. This means that the father or mother to be paid may not be financially worse off than the child after payment of the maintenance. The demand control amount will also be increased under the modified maintenance obligation in 2018. In the first income group, it amounts to 1,080 euros and thus corresponds to the necessary deductible. In the second income group, the amount increases to 1,300 euros (instead of 1,180 euros so far). For all other groups, there is an increase of 100 euros. The principle of the demand control amount is applied as follows: If, after deduction of the maintenance contributions, the income of the debtor is less than the specified amount in the Dusseldorf table, then the debtor is automatically classified in the next lower income group. And so far down until the income is no longer below the demand control amount. You may have green Touch loan to help you financially better.